Maryborough Enterprise Centre

Maryborough Enterprise Centre, 167-171 Railway St, Maryborough, Victoria 3465

Maryborough Enterprise Centre offers industrial, commercial, workshop and studio spaces to the business community.

With 18 units in varying sizes ranging from  20 Sq. Mts, to 200 Sq.Mts, we will have a unit that will be perfect for your growing business. From start up through to experienced businesses, we are equipped to help build your businesses capacity. 

The MEC is a community of enterprising businesses focused on being productive. We promote and showcase our businesses as innovative, energetic and productive. With MEC’s long history of commercial, retail and industrial culture, MEC is a pivotal player in promoting Maryborough’s enterprising culture. 

       MEC offers:

  • central location in Maryborough
  • a huge secure undercover communal area for events 
  • secure off street parking  
  • ready access to Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne
  • CCTV security 
  • location at the heart of the Victorian Goldfields
  • close to the public transport hub

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For enquires regarding leasing please call

Managing Agent:

John Stevenson

0422 659 385

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